Before you go buying a new Baofeng, you need to watch this!

I recently purchased 2 new Baofeng radios. One supposedly a 10 Watt version that is a triband and another one that is supposedly a 20 Watt version.

When I got them I put them through some power tests. The results are shocking. For your protection, you need to watch this.

Links to the 2 Baofeng radios tested in this video:

X5 (bad Radio):


Links to the sellers:

Avoid this seller (X5 Radio Seller):

UV-89 seller:


Since recording this video, I have determined that the 20 watt radio is not even a Baofeng. I missed this when recording the video, but the sticker on the back inside of the radio does not even mention Baofeng. Looking at all of my other Baofeng radios, the sticks says baofeng on it.

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