Security Decoded covers the recent threats and news in the Enterprise Security realm.  This show leans towards the technical folks but everyone is welcome.  If you are looking for a security show that is geared for the family, check out our Security 101 show.

The show is hosted by 3 Technology Security Experts: John Gibert, Dennis Hawkins and Mike Myers.  All 3 come from a very large enterprise that spans the globe.  They see all types of threats every day and on the leading edge of the new emerging threats.

Security Decoded is a mix of news, technical details of threats, some possible reverse engineering and the occasional product review as well.

Security Decoded is recorded Wednesday at 6PM Eastern, 3PM Pacific.  You can watch live as we record using the Live link at the top of the page.  If you are watching live, be sure to join in the conversation by also joining the chat room.  We interact with the chat room as much as possible.