The New Media Tech show is a show based around our new studio and what it takes to build and operate a new media studio and production.

So what is “New Media”?  New Media is the term that is given to the new ways of getting content.  For example, a podcast is a form of new media.  In traditional media you get get audio or video as it is broadcast from a TV or radio station.  Unless you have a way to record it, once it is played it is gone.

In New Media the content is distributed electronically to all kinds of things like computers, phones, iPads, Tivo, Roku and the list goes on and on.  With New Media you do not have to have a transmitter to broadcast all over the world.

Many of the traditional media tools are required for New Media as well.  In this show we will discuss everything from video and audio switching, recording, streaming, microphones, headphones, cameras, cabling, wires, power, lights, etc.  We will discuss how you can get into new media, review products, teach how to use products.