New to the Mac?  Then MacMinute was created just for you.  Many more people are jumping to the Mac OSX operating system.  Mac’s are in general much easier to use and understand than Windows PCs.  But they are different and that difference sometimes confuses people and in the process frustrates people.

In the MacMinute show, Mike Myers will start with the very basics and work up until you are a confident Mac user.  MacMinute, like the name is targeted to teach a new mac nugget in about a minute.

The MacMinute show has no defined record time, it is recorded in between other shows when time permits.  It will be streamed live when it is recorded, we just do not have a recording schedule for this show.  Sometime we record more than one at a time because of how short the records are.

In no time you will not want to go back to Windows or whatever you came from.