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  • Learning Swift Week 2 - TP5 +

    This week we dive into Classes and Structures in Apple's new language called Swift. Downloads Apple HD Apple SD Audio Read More
  • Learning Swift, Apples New Language Basics - TP4 +

    This is our first episode learning the new language from Apple, Swift. This week we take a quick look at Read More
  • Programming Basics #3 - Episode 3 +

    This is our last week covering programming basics. Next week we jump right into Python. If you have not watched Read More
  • Programming Basics #2 - Episode 2 +

    This is week #2 of the programming basics. We are covering the basics of computer programming so that when we Read More
  • Programming Basics #1 - Episode 1 +

    In our first week we are starting from the very beginning of programming. The first 3 weeks start from the Read More
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