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"The Program" is weekly show where we teach you how to write programs.  We start out with each language using simple easy to understand techniques.  We spend about 12 weeks on each language before we move on to the next language.

Our goal with this show is to teach anyone who want to learn the basics of programming in a non stressful and fun way.

If you are just starting out programming, we recommend that you watch our first few episodes where we cover the basics of programming that apply to every programming language.  There is some real basics that all programming languages have.  Computers all work the same way under the covers no matter what language you are using.  If you understand some of those basics, we believe you can learn just about any language quickly.



Church Technology Recent Shows

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  • Learning Swift, Apples New Language Basics - TP4 +

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  • Programming Basics #3 - Episode 3 +

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  • Programming Basics #2 - Episode 2 +

    This is week #2 of the programming basics. We are covering the basics of computer programming so that when we Read More
  • Programming Basics #1 - Episode 1 +

    In our first week we are starting from the very beginning of programming. The first 3 weeks start from the Read More
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