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Let's Make It is a show that is all about making things, in particular electronic things.  During this show we will be using things like Arduinos, PIC chips and Raspberry Pie's to make all kinds of electronic gadgets.

We are making these gadgets to learn how they work.  Not technical, not to worry, we are going to start really simple and teach you as we go along.  All it requires is a desire to want to learn some programming and electronics.

This show is hosted by Mike Myers of Genius Idea Studio.  Mike has many years of designing hardware and developing software for the hardware.  

If you have ever followed the Maker Community then this show is for you.  Want to learn some basic programming and electronics?  This is the show to get you started.

This show is recorded weekly on Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm Eastern.  You can view the recording on the live stream.  Come early and stay late and get involved in the live chat.



Let's Make It Recent Shows

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    This week we talk about motors for your flying multi-rotors. We also introduce our first week of Learning Electronics. Downloads Read More
  • Turn a $60 RC Radio Into A Fully Featured High End Radio - LMI76 +

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  • The Math When Building A Multirotor (Quadcopter) - LMI75 +

    This is the first week in our multi-week series on building multirotor flying things (my wife calls them toys). The Read More
  • Old Project Review And Big Announcement - LMI74 +

    This week we take a look back at the doggie door button and show you the finished project working and Read More
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