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The Church-Tech show is all about the technology that helps you build a growing and effective ministry.

Let's face it, today technology plays a large part in everything we do, and that includes worship.  In fact, if you are not embracing technology in your ministry, your ministry is probably shrinking at an alarming rate.

Your focus in on the ministry and not the technology, that makes sense.  That is where the Church-Tech show can help.  Church-Tech will focus on the new and emerging technologies that you can use in your ministry.  Everything from sound, video and other creative arts to computer systems, phones, digital signage, kids safety and more.

Each week we will cover a different subject and will answer questions we get.  The Church-Tech show is recorded on at ??:?? and is streamed live.  Come early and stay late and join us in the chat room for a more interactive show and to comment and ask questions.



Church Technology Recent Shows

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