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The Security 101 show is a show that talks about computer security that everyone should know.  We do not talk bits and bytes, decryption, unpacking, etc....  We talk in your language so that you and your family can understand.

We feel that everyone needs to know some of the latest threats on the internet and how to protect yourself.  Knowledge is power as the saying goes.  With the internet and mobile exploding still you and your family are more at risk every day.  With some knowledge you can know how to protect your financial and personal information.

We will explain in basic terms how the latest malware and threats are working and what the creators get out of it.  The entire malware and virus community has changed over the past few years.

If you want a more technical discussion on computer security we have a show called "Security Decoded" that gets down into the bits and bytes and what the malware is really doing.



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