Back in 2018 I decided I wanted to buy a trailer and build a Comms Trailer.

I frequently get asked on the status so I decided to create a video that walks through the build process and provide a more recent update on the status of the trailer.


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  • ES_Eye of the Newscaster – Out To The World
  • ES_Borrowed Matches – Tape Machines
  • ES_Come 2gether – Ooyy
  • ES_Fire Drill – Cushy
  • ES_From the Cliffside – Tape Machines
  • ES_Granite Stone – Daxten
  • ES_Like a Blind Girl’s Dog – Daxte
  • ES_Rumors – Daxten
  • ES_The Demon’s Smile – Martin Klem
  • ES_When I Want – Dumma Beats

Comms Trailer Downloads

HD Mobile Audio MP3