Every company or website should have a page that defines the ethics that they follow.  So many don’t but we feel it is important that we do.  It is especially important because what we talk about could very likely influence your purchasing decisions.

So first of all, we an organization that believes in family first so you will find everything on our network family friendly.  We also believe that everyone is created equal no matter of race or nationality. We will not tolerate any hate towards any group.

We are not governed by the same FCC regulations that other broadcast companies are, however we want you to feel safe playing our media with anyone in the family around.  We do not have full control over our guests but they are made aware of our family friendly position.

We do often make comments about products on our shows.  That is part of our goal, to help you make an informed decision.  If we were being paid to say those things it is your right to know so you can make your choices based on real information.  If we are being paid by a sponsor we will be sure that is clear so there is no confusion.

I hope you agree that is best if we are as open as possible and we welcome all comments on our position.