In this video we receive a new SHARI hotspot kit for the Raspberry Pi, we put it together with a bit of soldering, we download the HamVOIP image, install it and walk through configuring the software to run on the SHARI.

The SHARI hotspot allows you to have a node on AllStar and Echolink right in your shack. You cn use a simple handheld radio to control it.

Look for more videos in the very near future on how to use the SHARI hotspot from your radio and setting up more features.


Details from the video:

Connect via SSH with default HamVOIP port:

ssh -p 222 -l root [IP ADDRESS][ENTER] 

If you change the port to default for SSH (22):

ssh -l root [IP ADDRESS][ENTER] 

Changing boot files to disable serial tty:

cd /boot 

Backup cmdline.txt first:

cp cmdline.txt ~ [ENTER]  

Edit cmdline.txt

nano cmdline.txt [ENTER] 

remove console=ttyAMA0.115200 and kgdboc=ttyAMA0.115200 by backspacing them out

to save press CTRL and X at the same time, answer Y then press enter.

Verify The Change

cat cmdline.txt 

Backup config.txt first:

cp config.txt ~ [ENTER] 

Edit config.txt:

nano config.txt 

On the line right below the first comment (line with #) add: 

to save press CTRL and X as the same time, answer Y then press enter.

Verify The Change:

cat config.txt 

Reboot the SHARI Hotspot


Setting Radio Options:

cd /usr/local/sbin 


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