is a new media company that provides education and training using various new forms of media like streaming audio and video, audio and video podcasts, YouTube and other media devices like Tivo, Roku, etc.

We are a subsidiary of Techtachtile, LLC (formerly Genius Idea Studio, LLC). 

If you are interested in getting into new media for yourself or your organization we can help design a solution for you.  Anything from starting in your home office up to building a complete video studio for you company.

We also provide streaming services for events.  Any event weather if be a corporate meeting you want to stream, a concert, a wedding you name it.  We can even setup and use services like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Go-To Meeting from multiple locations to have a large interactive meeting from anywhere in the world.  It can be 10 people or thousands.

If you just want to improve your content or production workflow, our editors and producers are familiar with Adobe Products as well as Apple’s Final Cut products.  We can get you on the right track.

If you have a new show idea but want some help, let us know, we do partner with content providers.

We are based in the USA but can consult anywhere you are.  Our standard day rate for consulting is $800 but can vary based on project length and your requirements.

For more information you can send email to or visit the website at